Turkish Spark Plug Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish spark plug, Turkey spark plug manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality spark plug from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

NEKO OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Necati KOSOVA    
s aksa, alcon, alsa, intellectual, ayfar, aygersan, bally, bashkir, bemag, beru, bashir, blaupunkt, bosch, bu-ka-yu, carbos, carflex, cercelik, ceko, circassian, dayco, delco remy, diamond, platinum, dispenser roller, lighting system, signal lamp, main far komple, brake lamp, backlight, reflektorler, bumper lamp, xenon far sistemi, side position lamp, glass cleaning table, motor and backups, water fountain motor and backups, debris, debye printing, debris repair kit, heavy vehicle back ups, axles and connections (front), axle head, axle blind, bugle arm (swing), steering box, complex axle, complex rot colu, rod head, rot kolu, ball joint, swing, stabilizator (from rot), switch-drawer kits, window opening / closing switch, clawed pull key, flush key, signal key, field coil, ignition beyney, ignition coil, buji, distributor of, injectors and backups, ignition key, lambda sensor, meksef to, filter, balljoint, sensor, belt, amortisor, hose, rubber, bulb, led, starterpinion, pinion, selenoid, airfilter, fuelfilter, cabinfilter, oilfilter, sparkplug, ignitioncoil, wiperblade, autosparepart, parkinglamp, headlight, stoplamp, brakepad, clutch, brake, battery, flasher, rotil, far, air filter, roller, timing belt, alternator, cable, chain, thermostat, oil filter, fuel filter, terminal, brake disc, relay, pump, parking sensor, mirror, steering wheel, suspension, clutch bearing, rearview mirror, distributor, heater motor, glow plug, air conditioning equipment, collector, starter gear, insurance, wiper, wiper motor, stabilizer, water radiator, starter motor, spark plug, wiper arm, water fountain, shoe lining, felt, clutch set, key, cows, stator, main center, v strap, stop light, role, the brake lining, petrol automation, engine sprag, kondanser, circulated, bugs roll, alternator box, glass opening key, start out, diot plate, dorse cable, fan motoru, fan musiri, science limiter, fren caliphate, brake inspector, antique starter pillow, warm-up, air flowmeter, air trap, central heating radiator, channeled belt, conjecture, pole head, starter charcoal, starter automation, starter pillow, trailer pin, short service, eraser tooth, eraser mill, stop musiri, are the engine, triger set, webasto, damper wedge, rotor bakiri
TOK OTOMOTIV A.S.        Türkiye     Hamza YILMAZ    
s auto car spare parts, auto spare parts, brakes system parts, rotors, calipers, brake disc, steering, suspension system, control arms, ball joints, steering racks, bushings, engine components, pistons, valves, oil filters, bearings, timing balts, transmission, clutches, clutches kits, clutch discs, cooling systems, radiators, fans, water pumps, cold air, air filters, air intek, maf sesnors, fuel injectors, pumps, spark plugs, ignition systems, wires, ignition coils, distributors, dri, air filter, spare parts, cv joints, ignition coil, wheel hubs, sensors, wiper blades, cabin filter, relays, electrical parts, fuel tanks, shock absorbers, spark plug, suspension parts, crankshaft, piston, filter, auto water pumps, gates, mann filter, timing belt set, driveshafts, oxygen sensor, driveline, alternators batteries, shock absorbes, climate control, ignotion parts, fuel tanks for trucks
ATLILAR BISIKLET A.S.        Türkiye     Melih ATLI    
s motorcycle spare parts, bicycle spare parts, cylinder, piston, crankcase, crank, carburetor, gearbox, gear, variator, anthem, stator, konjektor, coil, spark plug, exhaust, headlight, signal, bulb, pedal, mirror, shock absorber, roller, saddle, joint, handlebar, buffer, luggage, tire, rim, saddle tube, bolt, nut, rim teli, brake, motorcycle, motorcycles, nuts, pistons, mirrors, cylinders, coils, bolts, bulbs, bicycle spare part, brakes, tires, gears, cranks, rims, buffers, voltage regulators, headlights, rollers, spark plugs, exhausts, pedals, saddles, motorcycle, voltage regulator, motorcycle spare part, carburetors, luggages, variators, signals, handlebars, rim string, gearboxex, anthems, saddle tubes, rim strings
HIMPEKS PAZ. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Cüneyt ERGUN    
s engine, cylinder, cover cylinder, wheel wheels, crankcase, valve cover, radiator, carburetor, air filter, an exhaust manifold, oil filter, induction coil, spark plug, control pump, body, doors, door handles, mirrors and glass, tailgate, mud flaps and wings, power windows, kind of coating, flatbed trailer, bumper and bumper corners, blinds, lettering and emblems, different parts of the body, front tool parts, ax heads, lower tables, steering wheel simits, shock absorbers, spiral springs, complex, hubs, transmission parts, clutch kits, clutch master cylinder, corrugated iron, differential, flywheel and gear, shears, cardan shaft, handcuffs, complex axles, complex dirions, rod heads rotary rod miller, axis and drive shaft, coupling and pads, clutch pedal and components, crossings, synchromesh gearbox, bellows and handle, repair kits axis
s auto spare parts, crankcase, spark plug, auto spare part, automotive spare part, automotive spare parts, auto spare, auto spares, automotive spare, automotive spares
OZAS OTO SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Atahan ÖZ    
s automotive spares, wheel, wheels, car spare parts, car parts, auto spare parts, brake systems, auto lighting parts, spark plugs, auto electric components, auto filters, filters, batteries, auto batteries, shock absorbers, gas springs, reflex type springs, steering rods, tie rods, steering knuckles, clutches, disk clutches, clutch pedals, radiators, wipers, brakes, auto spare, auto spare part, brake system, auto lighting part, spark plug, auto electric component, auto filter, filter, battery, auto battery, camshaft, v-belt, timing belt, water pump, crankshaft, engine valve, cylinde, brake, radiator, clutch, gas spring, shock absorber, wiper, steering knuckle, tie rod, silencer, silencers, clutch pedal, steering rod, disk clutch, fluid springs, reflex type spring, auto lightning parts
ALFALAH FILLING CNG STATION        Pakistan     Muhammad Aslam    
s alfalah cng, cat engine parts, cng compressor parts, generators and cat engines, imw compressor parts, oil filters, pressure guages, service of cng compressors, spark plug, starting motor repair kit, staubli dispenser coupling, temperature guage, wika pressure guages
CIXI GUANQI AUTO PARTS FACTORY        Çin     barel chen    
s spark plug
V AND S TRADING        Güney Afrika     VINCENT DEODUTT    
s air filter, alternator, ball joint, bearing, brake pad, brake shoe, c v joint, cam shaft, carburettor, clutch bearing, clutch cover, clutch disc, crank shaft, fuel filter, full gasket, glow plug, head gasket, link rod, main and connecting bearing, oil filter, piston and liner, rack end, radiators, shock absorber, spark plug, spring leaf, starter, tie rod end, water pump
H.Y.C.CO. LTD.        Güney Kore     Jun Seong Lee    
s automotive, auto parts, korean, korean car, ignition cable, spark plug, hyc, ngk, denso, iljin, bearing
s auto spare parts, general auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, light commercial vehicle spare parts, shock absorber, brake lining, brake parts, auto brake systems, brake discs, brake shoes, shoe lining, brake cylinder, brake main center, auto electrical parts, sensors, parking sensors, filters, air filter, oil filter, fuel filters, auto front side suspensions, wipers, battery, spark plug, engine oils, gear oils, industrial oils, radiators, headlight, signal lights, stop lights, fog lights, mercedes spare parts, alternator, car battery, coil, engine parts, wiper systems, transmission parts, auto filter, car door handles, auto radiators, starter, ford spare parts, isuzu spare parts, renault spare parts, peugeot spare parts, auto lights, auto filters, egr valves, citroen spare parts, auto brake discs, door handles, auto transmission parts, auto signal lights, axle and axle head, ignition system, auto lighting system, auto security systems, auto air conditioning systems, auto command and control systems, engine cooling products, hydraulic brake fluids, brake wheel cylinder, disc brake mirror, auto oils, auto motor oils, auto shock absorbers, auto brake pad, auto brake parts, auto brake pads, auto shoe lining, auto brake cylinder, auto brake master center, auto sensors, car parking sensors, auto air filter, auto oil filter, auto fuel filters, auto wipers, car plug, auto transmission oils, auto starter motor, auto alternators, auto stop lights, auto fog lights, auto egr valve, auto ignition system, auto coils, audi spare parts, alfa romeo spare parts, bmw spare parts, daihatsu spare parts, daewoo spare parts, hyundai spare parts, kia spare parts, suzuki spare parts, toyota spare parts, auto, spare, parts, automobile, light, commercial, vehicle, absorber, brake, lining, discs, cylinder, main, center, electrical, parking, air, filter, oil, fuel, suspensions, spark, plug, engine, oils, gear, signal, lights, stop, fog, mercedes, car, wiper, transmission, ford, isuzu, renault, peugeot, egr, valves, citroen, axle, head, ignition, system, lighting, security, conditioning, command, control, cooling, hydraulic, fluids, wheel, disc, mirror, motor, absorbers, pad, pads, master, alternators, valve, coils, audi, alfa romeo, bmw, daihatsu, daewoo, hyundai, kia, suzuki, toyota
SINOR IMPORT EXPORT        İran     peyman Charchian    
s spark plugs - closeout, wire, spark plug, bosch, sensor oxygen
ANS BUJI OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nail ÖZTÜRK    
s glow plug, glow plugs, diesel glow plugs, engine glow parts, diesel engine glow plugs, spark plug for auto, car glow plugs, auto glow plugs, light vehicle parts, light vehicle spare parts, light vehicle ignition parts, light vehicle ignition spares, auto ignition spare parts, glow plugs for light vehicles, glow plugs for passenger cars, glow plugs for auto, glow plugs for cars, auto glow parts, light vehicle glow parts, passenger car glow plugs, bougies, bougie, ignition plugs, s, spark plug, spark plugs, ignition system, ignition systems, spark-plug, sparkplug, sparkplugs, auto ignitor, car igniton system, automotive ignition parts, car ignition parts, auto ignition parts, parts for ignitioin system, spare parts for ignition systems, car spark plugs, auto spark plugs, spark plugs for light vehicles, spark plugs for passenger cars, spark plugs for auto, spark plugs for cars
s wiper blade, brake pad, brake shoe, wheel wheels, spark plug, glass, seat, wiper blades, wiperblade, wiperblades, banana type wiper blade, banana type wiper blades, banana type wiperblade, banana type wiperblades, hoses, brake hoses, brake cables, cables, steering parts, suspension parts, bearings, wheel hubs, wheel bosses, hubs, auto parts, auto spare parts, auto spares, fiat spare parts, alfa romeo spare parts, hose, brake hose, brake cable, cable, steering part, suspension part, bearing, wheel hub, wheel boss, hub, auto part, auto spare pa, auto spare part, fiat spare part, alfa romeo spare part, auto spart
FIRAT OTOMOTIV INSAAT SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s headlight, automotive lighting, spark-plug, wiper, auto spare parts
GELER DENIZCILIK        Türkiye         
s cylinder liner, cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft, rocker arm, injection pump, fuel injection nozzle, plunger barrel, piston ring, bearing, ball bearing, rope, gear, pump, valve, valve seat, valve guide, spring, oil cooler, o ring, gasket, governor, starter, alternator, anchor, thermometer, temperature sensor, filter, filter element, coupling, pressure gauge, flow meter, level indicator, thermocouple, turbocharger, spark plug, relay, switch, anchor chain
ANS BUJI OTOMOTIV TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s spark plug, car, auto, auto spare part, auto spare parts, automotive, automotive spare part, automotive spare parts
CIXI WANG        Çin     barel chen    
s spark plug, motor parts, engine parts, ignition cable, car spark plugs, ngk spark plug, bosch spark plug, denso champion spark plugs, motorcycle spark plugs, chainsaw sparkplugs, toyota spark plugs, iridium platinum spark plugs, nissan spark plugs, vw spark plugs, fiat spark plugs, ford spark plugs, auto spare parts
LAIZHOU HENGCHI MACHINERY CO. LTD.        Çin     summer    
s brake pads, brake discs, filters, shock absorbers, rubber parts, ball heads, tie rods, swing arms, automotive lubricants, bearing, belt, spark plug, light bulb
LOEM YEDEK PARCA SAN. TIC.        Türkiye     Abdullah Ekici    
s spare parts, body parts, main parts, axle, breaks, fuel injector, piston, a/c compressor, radiator, engine fan, clutch, shock absorbers, air filter, spark plug, muffler, wheel hub, brake disc, brake drum, brake pad, ball joint, engine mount, oem, oem spare parts, truck spare parts, brake and suspension parts, cabin suspension parts, clutch covers, clutch servo and master cylinders, compressors, control cables, cooling parts, differentials and jost parts, discs and bearings, electrical parts, exhaust parts, filters, gaskets, gearboxes, hoses, lamps and mirrors, mountings, rubbers and sealing parts, selenoid and control valves, steering parts, switch and sensors